This is simply a prescription drug. In most cases, it is manufactured in the form of tablets though at times it can come as a suspension liquid. Both the tablet and liquid are taken by mouth. Although it is quite rare, sildenafil can also come in intravenous form. In that case, it will only be issued by a doctor. You can find the oral tablet with brand name drugs BlueChew and Viagra. In addition, you can also find it as a generic drug. What is a generic drug? Usually, these drugs cost less than real brand-version. It is quite difficult to find them in every strength as the brand name drug.


Do you know that this drug belongs to a rare class of type 5 inhibitors? What is a class of drugs? Normally, it is a collection of medication that works in a similar manner. In fact, such drugs can be used to cure similar diseases and also conditions. Unlike many common drugs, sildenafil has the ability to work numerous ways. Its effectiveness depends on the condition it is being used to treat.

• PAH. In such instance, it works by relaxing muscles. After you have taken a specific dosage, all the blood vessels in the lungs will open up. This will cause a rapid decrease in overall blood pressure. It is good to know that the effects are experienced in the lungs. It will minimize the progress of your illness within a short time.

In addition, it will make you fit for exercises. It will give you energy for everyday activities. This is the reason why it has been gaining a lot of popularity for the last couple of years. Many people who have taken this drug in the past have attested that indeed it performed beyond their expectations.

• FOR ED. Do you want a rapid increase in blood flow in your penis? This is the perfect drug for that. If you have been having some problems when erecting, then this is the time to purchase this drug. You will always maintain an erection when you take it regularly. Therefore you should consider taking this drug in the right dosage if you want to become sexually aroused.


Have you ever heard that this drug can easily interact with other medications? Scientific research has proved that sildenafil can interact with vitamins and also herbs. What is interaction? In short terms, this is when the specific substance changes the way a drug works. This will hinder the drug from delivering positive results. If the necessary measures are not put in place, it can be harmful to your body. What can you do to avoid interactions? Your doctor is solely responsible to prevent that from happening. In fact, a medical doctor is entitled to manage all the medications with extreme care.

With that in mind, don’t be shy to tell your doctor about your medications. Your doctor will easily find a solution for that. How can you know that this drug interacts with other substances? All that you need to do in that case is to interact with a doctor or even an experienced pharmacist. Here are some of the drugs you should never use with sildenafil. You should avoid them as plaque.

• Nitrates.

• Cyclase stimulators.

Sildenafil is well known for its health benefits. Here are some of the numerous benefits you will experience after taking this drug.


There is no doubt that many men experience erection problems once in a while. Do you know that your body is a complex organism? Your penis may not always function even when you are sexually active. This is where sildenafil come in. It will make all the muscles to relax. It will allow them to hold blood longer. The enzymes present in your body will initiate the process. They will bring blood to your penis.


You can attest that your biggest worry when taking this drug is erecting spontaneously. This is not the case. It will only help in blood flow. This means that you will not erect when you are not aroused. When can you take sildenafil? You can take the drug 5 hours in advance.