Tadalafil is commonly known as Cialis. Tadalafil was made an official drug by the food and drug administration (FDA) almost twenty years ago. It is a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction. It is prescribed to men who want to get and maintain an erection when aroused.

Tadalafil relaxes the blood vessels muscles increasing the blood flow to specific areas of the body. A single dose is enough to last you for a weekend. Hence you don’t need to take the pill immediately before engaging in sex. This article will provide more details on tadalafil including its benefits and effects.

Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

ED is very common for men over 40 years but can occur at any age.  ED is mostly caused when your blood pressure is high since your body stops producing enough quantities of nitric oxide. Unfortunately, this reduces your ability to have an erection as nitric oxide is responsible for alerting your body to release cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate), the enzyme that causes an increase in blood flow to the penis. Luckily, tadalafil restores the natural balance making it easy to get an erection. If you want to treat ED take tadalafil at least once a day daily. Afterward, you will realize that you can attempt engaging in intercourse any time between your doses without failure.

Benefits of Tadalafil

Makes Sex more Satisfying

It becomes challenging to have enough sexual intercourse if you are not experiencing a satisfactory erection. Notably, this is because the penis is not receiving enough blood to be enlarged. Also, the enzymes that tell your body to hold the blood in the penis may be directing it away; hence, you end up getting an inadequate erection. Most cases of ED can be treated, and prescription of tadalafil is the appropriate choice. This drug surges the flow of blood in the penis making intercourse possible. It is an oral medication that can be taken when you need help to get and sustain an erection. Tadalafil makes sex more satisfying since your erection problem is solved; you can also enjoy sex until you get the desired satisfaction.

Lasting Effect

It remains active for almost 36 hours after consumption, making it the most prolonged acting ED drug available. Also, tadalafil is an excellent option for men who dislike taking a pill immediately before sex. Also, it’s a good option for men who want a long-lasting erection suitable for entire days and weekends. It has lower dosages compared to sildenafil. Often, the standard starting dose is 10mg that can be taken an hour before any sexual activity. One can also use 5mg and 20mg depending on the way they are responding to treatment and prescription by the doctor.

Other Uses

Tadalafil is also used as a medication for symptoms of an enlarged prostate. In that, it helps to relieve the symptoms like difficulty in the release of the flow of urine, the need to urinate frequently or instantly. Tadalafil relaxes the smooth muscle of the bladder and in the prostate.


If you take the drug in large doses or without following the given dosage by your doctor, you will suffer some adverse effects. They include headaches, flu-like symptoms like sneezing or sore throat, stomach upset, memory problems, back pain, blurred vision, nausea, dizziness, low blood pressure, among others. You might still take the required amount and get some effects like warmth of the neck, chest or face among other of the mentioned symptoms. However, in such instances the symptoms will bypass. In cases where the adverse effects persist, see your doctor and get necessary advice.


Something to note, it is essential to notify your doctor if you take tadalafil when you are also using nitrate drugs for heart problems. Some medicines can cause dangerous effects when used when tadalafil.


You should take the medication orally and as directed by your doctor. The dosage to be prescribed is based on your medical condition, response to your treatment, or other medications you are consuming. Also, tadalafil stays longer in the body than other sildenafil. Hence you can get more sex freely over a long period. However, it is crucial to know that tadalafil does not produce erections by itself. It remains in the body and takes effect when you become sexually aroused.